Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wesak Celebration

A Loving Atma Namaste! 
Preparing for The Wesak Festival Celebration Retreat - Daily!
Are you ready to Receive the Most Powerful Energy of the Year?
Please Purify Daily ... Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions ...
Have a Beautiful Day! See you there! Loving Blessings be to All!
BLISS & CLARITY sound good for VENUS day:

There is a famous saying: “If the mind is not contrived, it is spontaneously blissful, just as water, when not agitated, is by nature transparent and clear.”

I often compare the mind in meditation to a jar of muddy water: The more we leave the water without interfering or stirring it, the more the particles of dirt will sink to the bottom, letting the natural clarity of the water shine through. The very nature of the mind is such that if you only leave it in its unaltered and natural state, it will find its true nature, which is bliss and clarity.

Source: Facebook Charlotte Anderson

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