Wednesday, August 13, 2014

MCKS' Birthday

A Loving Atma Namaste! Through the Grace and Guidance of our Beloved Spiritual Teacher & with the Help of an Amazing Hardworking Team of MANY Volunteers – we are very happy to announce the completion of the following projects for the 15th of August – our Beloved Guruji’s Birthday Day.

Happy Birthday Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui!!!

1. On:
You may now Read & Download some of The Manuals on Yoga Prana Vidya as well as new offering - The Manual on Pranic Energy Healing Level III - that you have been requesting!

Some Translated Manuals are also available in various languages & more Translations are anticipated to come out very soon. Please stay tuned!

2. On:
The Audio Files you may have missed - on The Astara Degree Life Lessons and The Initiation into the Great Pyramid - will be available to you on the 15th of August! We hope the Broadened Understanding gleaned from sharing these Teachings - will Enhance your Understanding of the Experiences in your Life and in your Spiritual Practice.
Our Deep Respect & Gratitude to The Astara Organization – for the Priceless Gift of these Teachings - which were never before offered in such a form. Their generosity has made The Astara Life Degree Lessons - available to many who would otherwise never have been able to access this Transformational Information.

Please do Donate to Astara Generously!

3. On:
A final "Birthday Surprise" that has long been requested - will await you on the 15th of August. Please sign in - and find another wonderful surprise! Naturally this one is for serious Yoga Practitioners only!

Meanwhile, let each of us remember to focus on “Living the Teachings” of our Beloved Spiritual Teacher - through following His Last Three Messages to His students:

1. Practice Diligently!
2. Purify Yourself!
3. Spread the Teachings!

Let our Devoted Spiritual Family of Practitioners join Hands & Hearts and Celebrate the Life & Teachings of our Beloved Guruji - both on the 15th of August - and Every Day of the Year!

Hope you will enjoy these wonderful new Materials!

Wishing Each of you a Blessed & Beautiful Day of Joy, Happiness & Spirituality!
Infinite Loving Blessings be with All!


Source: Facebook Charlotte Anderson 

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