Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Manual on Pranic Energy Healing Level II (Part I - The Practicum)

A Loving Atma Namaste! Very pleased to Announce you may now Read & Download The Manual on Pranic Energy Healing Level II (Part I - The Practicum) at:
This Manual is in part Dedicated to:
To this Compiler’s Beloved Life Partner …
her Humble Acknowledgement & Profound Appreciation …
for His Loving Presence & Endless Guidance - as He remains her constant Source of Strength & Inspiration …& He remains the Primary Factor that allows her to fulfill her Promise to Him - to Find New & Creative Ways in which to Spread these Spiritual Teachings & to Never Stop doing Spiritual Work for Humanity!
May Peace, Love & Healing be with All People!

- Excerpt from the Preview of The Manual for Pranic Energy Healing Level II (Part II - The Treatments)

The intention of this Compiler is not to distract Practitioners from previously Validated Methods – but rather to ADD - Priceless Concepts - that will allow them to go beyond the limitation of “not knowing what to do” – when a Treatment or Information has not yet been systematized or was formerly reserved for only a few individuals.
It is hoped Practitioners will benefit – from the Essence of the Energetic Treatments shared in this Volume – and that this will allow a Practitioner to understand - how to Translate Information from multiple sources - into Practical
Applications - that can be utilized in ways - not openly discussed before.
It is this Compiler’s perception - that if this kind of data is not Released – it will be permanently lost. Through the Context of this Compilation - the shared materials
may now be Preserved and become widely available.

Source: Facebook Charlotte Anderson

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