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A Loving Atma Namaste! Why place your hands together in front of the Heart ... & say "Atma (Soul) ... I Salute the Divinity in you, the I AM Presence within you"? Read this interesting information! See you soon! Loving Blessings be with All!
Since ancient times there has been a tradition of holding one’s hands
together in prayer. In India, this gesture is known as Namaskar and
is offered as a gesture of salutation.

There are many names for this particular gesture or salutation – Naman,
Namaste, Pranpiat, Pranam, Namo Namah. All these terms convey honour
and humility.

The most common way of offering Namaskar is by joining the palms at
the level of the heart, to show we are sincere. When we touch our
heart, countless good vibrations pass through our finger tips in the
form of radiance to the other person. This beautiful touching gesture
can help turn an enemy into a friend, and also aids us to eliminate
our egos, and encourages humility and other virtuous practises.

There is a story in the MAHABHARATA about the awesome power of Namaskar.
In the battle between Karna and Arjuna, Karna opened his attack with
the Narayana astra, a cosmic weapon. Arjuna did not know how to retaliate.
He took refuge in Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna told Arjuna there was
no way to destroy the Narayana astra but there was a way to avoid

Lord Krishna instructed Arjuna to make the gesture of Namaskar to
the weapon, thereby offering salutations to it. Arjuna followed the
instructions by falling to the ground and performing a Shashtang Namaskar
– a full prostration. Because of Arjuna’s humility, the Narayana astra
returned to Karna.

The Namaskar gesture, when offered with humility, melts away differences
and enmity between people. It is hard to explain why this form of
gesture holds so much power. It is said in the Hindu Scriptures, that
the right side of our body represents Shiva or Brahman and the left
side represents Shakti or Maya. The five fingers represent the five
all-pervading elements : earth, water, fire, air, and ether. When
all five powers of Shiva and the five powers of Shakti unite, Namaskar
is formed.

Every kind of union manifests a creative power. The meeting place
of two rivers or of a river as it meets with the ocean; the union
of a man and woman, or the point when day merges into night and of
course, when seasons merge into one another. Each creates energy.
Energy manifests in many ways. Even when we clap our hands at a concert
or a show, energy or power is formed.

The tradition of Namaskar in its many different forms, has existed
since the days of the Vedas. It’s such a simple gesture and helps
spread love among all.
 Source: Facebook Charlotte Anderson

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