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Information about the date, the time & how to hold a Wesak Meditation Ceremony in your place

A Loving Atma Namaste!
So many requests for information about the date, the time & how to hold a Wesak Meditation Ceremony in their area have been received ... Here are Instructions for you to follow in your own areas!
Loving Blessings be to All!


1. The Venue should bein a quiet, energetically clean place.
Both indoor & outdoor locations are OK.

2. The Wesak Festival asCelebrated by our Guruji - is always held on the FIRST Full Moon of Taurus.
It MUST be celebratedon the Exact Date & at the Exact Time.
This will enable participants to receive the Maximum Benefit from this one timeper year – Enormous Downpouring of Spiritual Energy.

3. TheWesak 2013 PPM Audio Stream will begin on 25 April 2013 at: 7:15 – 9:00 pmGMT/UTC - Earlier than the precise time of the Full Moon which will be exactly at: 7:58 pm GMT/UTC

4. Please go to theTime Converter for the correct time in your area.
Time conversion forcountries around the world:

5. It is advised thatall participants in The Wesak Festival Meditation be in their positions aminimum of 30 minutes before the Meditation begins.
Please arrive a minimum of one hour in advance.

6. The Annual Live Wesak Festival Celebration Audio Stream is Broadcast by the Planetary Peace Movement International, is available at:

7. All participants should be seated facing the Eastern Direction.
Use an accurate compass to determine the correct direction.

8. It is preferable for all people attending the Wesak Celebration Ceremony to wear white or light-colored clothing.
If participants wish tosit on the floor, they should bring your their meditation cushion or mat forsitting.

9. Please do thorough Physical Exercises Before and After the Audio stream.

10. A core group oftwenty-one (21) people is needed to conduct a Wesak Meditation Ceremony.

However if in your area 21 people are not available – you may simply do meditation at the same time,together with others throughout the world – by holding the strong thought, “We are One!”

11. For those groups of 21 or more, pleace divide the participants into 3 groups:
A. A FIVE POINTED STAR Consisting of 5 Members.
B. A CIRCLE OF SEVEN Consisting of 7 Members.
C. A CIRCLE OF NINE Consisting of 9 Members.

12. All otherparticipants in the assembly should sit either behind or around this group oftwenty-one people.

13. a. Each year formany years our Beloved Guruji Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui -personally guided participantsattending the Wesak Ceremonies. These Wesak Events were all recorded byCharlotte Anderson.

b. It was His strongpersonal desire for students to partake in the opportunity to join thispowerful Celebration – which resulted in Broadcasts to students around the world - through the PPM Audio Stream.
With great happiness, we continue the tradition.

14. The Wesak FestivalMeditation Ceremony is comprised of Three Phases & is conducted in thefollowing way:



The Star of Five connect their Forehead Chakras to the other members of thisgroup, using a Golden Ray of Metallic Light - forming a Five Pointed Star.


The Circle of Seven also connect their foreheads together with the othermembers of their group, using Golden Rays of Light. They visualize a GoldenCircle connecting their group together.


The Circle of Nine visualize their foreheads being connected together withGolden Light, also forming a Golden Circle. They visualize a Golden Circleconnecting with the other members of their group. The rest of the Assemblymay silently say, “We are One.”

D. The whole assemblythen chants The Mantra “OM”, led by our Beloved Beloved Guruji.
Then the entireassembly recites the Great Invocation led by our Beloved Guruji
Next our Guruji againleads us in the chanting of The Mantra “OM.”

II. PHASE TWO: THE Planetary Mediation for Peace


The Star of Five, are then requested to connect Heart to Heart - by envisioning Golden Metallic Rays of Light connecting their hearts to the hearts of the other members of theirGroup.


The Circle of Seven will then be instructed to connect Heart to Heart – visualizing and forming aGolden Circle of Light connecting them with the other members of their group.


The Circle of Nine will then be instructed to connect Heart to Heart visualizing & forming a GoldenCircle of Light, connecting themwith the other members of their group - forming an outer circle around the two other groups.

a. Then our Beloved Guruji guides the participants in theactivation of the Heart Energy Center – through Practicing The Planetary Meditation for Peace – Wesak Version.

The rest of the participants will follow the Meditation on TwinHearts in the usual manner – but will form the Intention of Becoming “Spiritually One” – Through silently saying, “We are One.”

b. Then our Beloved Guruji leads the entire assembly inchanting the Mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum”.


It is recommended that at the location of Each Event - the participants hold one or two Practice Sessions prior to the Wesak Ceremony itself.

Tape may be placed onthe floor (or on the ground) –
in order to clearly designate the location of the Star & the Circles.

We hope that you will invite as many people as possible to join this beautiful Wesak Festival Meditation- in order to help heal Mother Earth.

Clearly we need to work together so as to create a more Peaceful, Productive, Spiritual World.

This powerful Wesak Festival Ceremony always generates Tremendous amounts of Energy.

Therefore, ALL Excess Energy must be completely released by Continuing to send Blessings to Every Person, Every Being and Every Country for a period of time – at the end of the Meditation.

Energy may also be Released through thorough Physical Exercise - done after the Meditation – so asto help you to avoid Energy Congestion.

Those who are non-regular meditators should continue to do regular physical exercise forthe next 7 days.

Meditators who participate in this Meditation may notice that many shifts in their Energy may occur after the Wesak Ceremony.

This is normal. Frequently it takes several weeks for people to assimilate and integrate these Higher Frequencies of Energy into their Energy Systems and Lives. A Vegetarian diet is helpful in avoiding this condition.

If congestion is noticed – it is recommended that participants contact an Energy Practitioner in their area so as to obtain more rapid relief.

Thank you for yourparticipation in this Wesak Festival Ceremony Meditation.
Loving Blessings be with All!

For more information regarding The Wesak please go to:


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