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Lord Padmasambhava on Healing

A Loving Atma Namaste! 

Lord Padmasambhava on Healing - as told by His spiritual consort Yeshe Tsogal: 
“The Court Physician MERUTSEY, other Tibetan healers then asked ‘Master,
as you intend to leave for India & will not remain here any longer,
how should the Tibetan healers of future generations behave?
Master Padmasambhava replied:
Noble court physicians, doctors, & healers, at first, in the presence of a Master skilled in
Healing … Carefully study the basic treatises for applying & preparing medicines.

Next, please your teacher & receive his oral instructions ……
Have compassion when trying to cure the sick.
… Diagnose the illness Examine the pulse, urine,& body surface
To prepare a medication without identifying the sickness will only turn
medicine into poison … to give treatment after diagnosing the disease
is like pacifying fire with the remedy of water.

As first, without practical experience, you lack the Power of Healing.
Next, without oral instructions, you cannot identify the disease.
Finally, without the application of treatment, the Medicine turns into poison.
Thus the doctor becomes the sick person’s executioner…

… Train to become an expert,
Learned healers should treat others with Kindness & Compassion .
Curtail your craving for wealth, since someone healed quickly may fall sick again.
Do not give treatment according to the quality of the food & drink you receive,
since someone cured now may again fall ill.

Adjust the fee of medication to the type of person.
You may cure the sick, but wrong livelihood will
weigh heavily later.
Embrace everyone with Bodhichitta & Compassion
Free from craving in your heart … Give immediate treatment

Sick people are objects of Compassion … so alleviate their pain.
It is excellent if you can be satisfied with whatever reward or fee
you receive for the treatment … your next life will be a rebirth as the eminent king of the Gods.

While in this life you will enjoy good health & happiness.
All sick people should respectful & please the life-saving master physician
with food, drink & enjoyments.

Adjust the fee for Treatment & the reward to the degree of importance.
If the sick person fails to respect the healer ,
He will be despised in this life & go to the hells in the next (life) …
Where he will be reborn is in the hell of repeated death & revival.

I , Padmakara, am now taking leave, whether you live in the present or will appear in
the future… Healers & sick people of future generations, keep this in your Hearts …”

- Extracted from The Lotus Born: The Life Story Of Padmasambhava,
by The Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal, ©1993, Pages 179-181
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