Thursday, April 19, 2012

The most Powerful Full Moon of the entire year

A Loving Atma Namaste!

Its only THREE weeks away!

Take advantage an Energy Infusion from the most Powerful Full Moon of the entire year!
The Wesak Festival Celebration Spiritual Retreat is coming up FAST!!

Did you know …
That this year the Wesak Festival Energies will be amplified by a Perigee Full Moon … or a SUPER MOON?

This means that the elliptical orbit of the Moon will be closer to Planet Earth during the Wesak Festival, making the Moon appear up to 14% bigger than ...a “usual” Full Moon!

This close proximity to Planet Earth - will bring a lot of additional Energy to each of us & to our Beloved Mother Earth!

To avail yourself of the most Potent Down-Pouring of Spiritual Energy of this year … Begin to “Purify Yourself” TODAY!

Through refining the Quality of your Energy … you will be able to Receive & HOLD more of the Down-pouring of the Divine Energies generated by the Spiritual Hierarchy – to stimulate the "Spirit of Love, of Brotherhood and of Goodwill on the Earth".

Receptively start to Prepare your Physical & Subtle Vehicles in advance… 

1. Please begin now maintaining a pure Vegetarian Diet,
2. Take daily Salt Water Baths or use Soft Salt on the body in the shower.
3. Practice Psychological Purification by using the Erasing Technique or The Blue Triangle.
4. Diligently Practice! Do Meditation everyday!
5. Plan to do extra Service during this period in order to Prepare your Energy System for the Energy you will receive.
6. Consider in advance what you wish to do with this Energy ... What do you wish to accomplish through receiving this Spiritual Empowerment?
7. And do not forget to plan at least 2 days after the Wesak Full Moon – to assimilate these Powerful Energies.
It is not recommended that you just plunge back into “business as usual”.
8. Please allow for time to Reflect, Time to Appreciate & to Assimilate the Intensity of the Wesak Energy & Blessings received. Aim to fully utilize this Great Gift in your life – for your own personal good & for the Benefit of Humanity.

There is still time to “Prepare yourself” to be a Perfect Vessel for the Highest Frequency of Energy of 2012.

See you at the Wesak Festival Spiritual Retreat in Pottmes Germany!

Loving Blessings be with All!

PS Learn more about the “Super Moon”!

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