Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Have been receiving more questions regarding The Wesak Festival Meditation

A Loving Atma Namaste!

1. Is there a particular time during which more the Divine Energy “Pours Down” – during the Wesak? When does it occur?

The approximately 8-9... minute period of the Divine DownPouring of Energies & Blessings – usually Begins – is normally about 9-14 minutes into the Ceremony.

(It has been noted that the precise time of when the Actual Downpouring begins – may vary slightly from year to year – perhaps due to our human inability to calculate with Divine Perfection the exact time to begin the Meditation Ceremony. Sensitive Participants may feel waves of Energy during this time & some report “seeing” Golden Light – at this time.
Note: Past reliance for the time calculation of the Wesak has come from various expert sources. But the preferred resource of our Beloved Guruji Master Choa Kok Sui – is Lucis Trust.)

It is exactly during the 8-9 minute period mentioned above - when the Divine Energies “Come Down”. This is considered to be “the most powerful period” because this is when the Wesak Blessings are poured onto us and onto our Beloved Mother Earth. According to our personal recollection this “DownPouring” normally begins approximately 13-18 minutes after the Beginning of the Session – not immediately at the beginning.

2. What is the correct geometric design to use for The Wesak Ceremony – in our Tradition? The Design is attached.

Please remember to be Mindful of the following recommendations:

1. Students should observe ALL Purification Practices for a minimum of 2-3 weeks prior to the Wesak. 

2. Proper Physical Exercise should be undertaken daily - in order to strengthen the Physical Body, so that it may withstand & hold the greatest amount of Energy safely & store it properly.

3. Internal Psychological Purification should be done Diligently & Daily.

4. Participants should also Meditate Daily during this period. 

5.Once the Conscious Intention of Every Participant, has been enhanced through the clearing away of personal negative thoughts, words & actions – then full attention may be turned - to becoming a World Server – to becoming fully focused on Uplifting & Transforming the Consciousness of all of Mankind.

6. The Objective is for each group is: to Mentally & Spiritually join with All other related groups – wherever they may be - in order to bring down - into the Physical World - as much Spiritual Energy as possible ... 

7. Why? To Spread Good Will & using the Divine Energy given through “Acting out our Goodness” …

8. On the day of the Wesak Ceremony, Participants should do a preliminary "run through" of the Ceremony. The Ceremony is best done in as large a group as possible.
(Instructions for the forming of the main group were provided a few days ago).

9. At the end of the Wesak Ceremony ... students may sit for as long a period of time as is comfortable for their system - so as to continue to absorb the Energy
and Release the Energy through Blessing every person & every being – without exception.

10. Then they should again do very thorough Physical Exercise. 

11. Spend the remainder of the day in relative seclusion – in order to more fully internalize the Deep Silence, Inner Peace & Transformational Nature of the Energy of these Great Great Blessings. 

12. Once these Divine Energies have been received – it is up to us to Hold, Maintain & Utilize them to the fullest possible extent – with an attitude of Deepest Gratitude.

Loving Blessings be with All!

PS For Information on The Wesak Festival Celebration Meditation Ceremony at Pottmes Germany – please go to:
Attendance of the Wesak Meditation itself is without charge. All are Welcome!

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