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The three forces of life - Indian Express Newspaperinterview with Charlotte Anderson

We have an abundance of iccha shakti, which gives us our many desires.  At a recent workshop, pranic healers were taught how to fulfill them says Swahilya Shambhavi .
First Published : 13 Sep 2009 12:40:00 AM IST
I life on earth is and will be because of three forces. Iccha shakti is the first, the energy that manifests as thought in the mind.
Kriya shakti is the second which is the ene­rgy that drives you to action and gnana shakti is the third that is the energy of wisdom to choose the right desires.
Of the three — iccha shakti is in abundance in all of us driven by innumerable desires for this and that. You may wish to buy a big bungalow but you may not have the gnana shakti to know if the desire is within your means and the kriya shakti to fulfill that desire. The Tamil Nadu Pranic Healing Foundation took on this challenge and conducted a workshop on kriya shakti, for advanced level pranic healers in Chennai.

Charlotte Anderson, who was present with Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, the fou­nder of a global energy healing technique called Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, at all his retreats and workshops for over 12 years, was in the city  recently to conduct the workshop.
The spiritual consort of the Master, she was the editor, compiler and transcriber of his most recent books.
She founded the Planetary Peace Movement International with the Master in 1998 and is the founder of the Endowment fund for world peace and global healing in the United States . She also founded the Pranic Healing European Charitable Foundation. She is now predominan­tly teaching in Europe .

In an interview with The New Sunday Express, she said that it was the Master’s wish that there was an army of Indian instructors in Pranic Healing with one healer from each family as many of the teachings origintaed in India.  He had three parting messages for the people —  practise diligently, purify your self and spread the teaching.

Arhatic Yoga is a spiritual system that provides a method to accelerate the evolution of the soul. The Indian culture is spiritually advanced, so it is not  surprising that many of the techniques of Master Choa Kok Sui, have roots in ancient cultures or that Master Choa Kok Sui who had a  mind trained as scientist, who is also Master of Energy, understand how to synthesize and integrate these techniques into a functional methodology that can be used by practationers from many traditions and religions.

Dr D.Ramesh, head of the Tamil Nadu Pranic Healing Foundation, is a maxillofacial surgeon who uses this as a complementary therapy with surgery with lesser medication, complications and lesser hospital expenses. Some ailments have no answer in allopathy.
When you treat the visible physical body, along with the invisible energy body, the healing is faster, he says. There are two lakh pranic healers in India and 25,000 basic-level healers in Tamil Nadu.

Kriyashakti is a course that helps the participants increase abundance, prosperity and success, and to achieve dreams and goals. The focus of this workshop is to apply spiritual technology that will improve the quality of our working relationships and to increase an  understanding that we are responsible for generating positive karma through good action in our lives.

Speaking on abundance, Charlotte says the Law of Karma tells us that money comes back to us when we give. “When you give love and good emotions and you receive them:. If you give money you will receive money.

“By using  right tho­ughts, right speech and right action, one can be constantly aware of one’s efforts, speech and action to generate positive karma,” she says.

The Planetary Peace Movement operates in over 100 countries. The Indian group is hea­ded by Kombli Rajagopal and Nalini Ramesh. They have successfully taken the 'Twin Hearts Meditation,'  taught by the Master to over 100,000 people in schools, universities and workplaces. This meditation was given to all people who are interested in achieving World Peace and Global Harmony.
( broadcasts this all over the world through the internet free of charge between 2 am and 2 pm).
The Endowment Fund for World Peace and Global Healing donates money to charitable organizations and helps people to get 'back on track' through liveihood programs, disaster relief and promotes prayer and meditation for World Peace.

Many projects of Master Choa Kok Sui, such as Food for the Hungry in India have assisterd in restructuring livelihood for tsunami-hit fishermen go outward to all people --- to spread the message of Master Choa Kok Sui's active compassion in order to help humanity.

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