Saturday, August 15, 2009

Compassionate Objectivity - On Characterbuilding

59 pages
ISBN 9-719281-85-5

Character Building is a manifestation of your spiritual development.
Character is the manifestation of the degree of Soul Contact. When you are out of Balance, the connection between you and your Higher Soul becomes minimal.
When Soul Connection is not strong, the Chakras, rather than the Soul, control the lower bodies. Ask “Who is the boss, the Soul or the Chakras?”
Stop identifying yourself with the physical body! When you no longer identify yourself with the physical body, this attitude will activate your Spiritual Development. It will become easier to control your Chakras.

The Virtues are given to guide you. The development of the virtues must be balanced. Development of one Virtue is dependent on all the other Virtues. The Chakras and the Virtues are connected.

The more you develop your Virtues, the stronger your connection to God will become.

The law of nature requires Balance. Your life should be balanced.
A good person is not completely good nor is a bad person completely bad.
Vices are also Energy. They can be disintegrated.

For deeper understanding of the Sutras we recommend the Course „Arhatic Yoga Preparatory Level“.

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