Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Glorious Atma of Guru

A Loving Atma Namaste and a Very Warm Welcome!
Most happy to share a very special Announcement re: The Glorious Atma of Guru.

Over the past 7 years, this soul has rarely reacted publicly – when various and multiple forms of defamation, slander or disrespect – were directed toward her.
However more than one year ago - when the following photo was circulated within our Spiritual Community - this soul was rather surprised – primarily because virtually all of the Senior Students of our Spiritual Teacher know very well – that He stated: “Distorting the Perception of others – will cause the offenders to have their own Perception Distorted.”
Actually it is rather interesting to see oneself “Erased” from history – when one is still in the physical body. (see the posted photos …)
Globally, while this is not a completely unknown occurrence – within Spiritual Communities it may give an inquiring mind cause - to meditate on - why this has happened. (http://www.businessinsider.com/people-who-were-erased-from-history-2013-12)

Some of the Questions regarding this behavior – that immediately arise are:
What would cause this type of a Distortion to occur?
Why would anyone wish to mislead our community on such a Broad Scale?
What would the aggressors suffer in the future – as Karmic Payment –
for having released such wrongful and misleading Energies?

There are at least several various ways for us to view the reasons for this exceptionally Un-Spiritual Phenomena.
1. Such as: Why is there so much hostility or so much animosity - that those creating the Distortion – would go to the trouble to “Erase” anyone – from a photo, book or elsewhere?
We might also contemplate WHY those engaging in this behavior appear to be unable to correct their Improper Perceptions (as this has been repeated in other ways as mentioned below).
Possibly their disregard for propriety is due to a perception that non-reaction on my part - or minimal reaction from my side – made some believe that these wrongful actions are OK – and therefore, they may freely continue to sow - additional wrong seeds.
2. Or perhaps: the presenters of such information are so Immature or incapable of focusing on Actual Truth – that they made a clear effort - to create their own “Fairy Tale Version” or memory of a situation.
From the personal perspective of this soul – such behavior emanates from Inaccurate Perception – that distorts the Correction Expression of historic fact. This is not merely a deeper Level of Truth – but also gives all of us a Visual Image of a deeper situation that has been allowed to persist – due to this soul’s own Inaction …
3. Or perhaps: these Intellectual Assailants – hold such an exaggerated desire to be or to become - the “Only Ones” – due to being so “senior” or “so special” as to possess the “most” Accurate Information – so as to increase their personal degree of Power, Position, Prestige or Objectives – through the blatant, outright Distortion of these matters.
4. Or as in: “Damnatio memoriae (a Latin phrase) literally meaning ‘damnation of memory’ in the sense of a judgment that a person must not be remembered … “ (- Extracted from Wikipedia.org)

Some months later. again a similar topic arose.
A young Colleague reported to this soul that “New” Lotus Sutras had been generated – and were being sold in India.
He sent her a copy of the completely changed covers – and noted that the name of Charlotte Anderson had been excluded (or Erased) as Compiler, Transcriber and Editor of these books – and that the name of another individual had replaced hers.

The Teacher taught us – that we should: “Fight without Fighting”.
Therefore, in early January – when a positive Ruling was received (from the New Delhi High Court) in the favor of Defendant 1 (Charlotte Anderson) – she began to Meditate on the effect of Releasing ALL of those “Co-Authored” books for Free – and Unrestricted Access to all interested parties - in their Original, Guru Approved and Undistorted Form.

(Extracted from the New Delhi High Court Ruling - CS(OS) No.2252/2011
- on 10 January 2014 - Page 147 of 149
“ b) An order is passed that defendant No.1 (i.e., Charlotte Anderson) is
at liberty to exercise her rights over the 9 books stated to be co-authored by her …”
For further details – please read more about this within the Website.)

With the strong Support of an extremely Dedicated Team of students of our Guruji – each member donated - their Time, Expertise and Love for our Spiritual Teacher – Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui - to this project.
Through this immensely Loving Interaction, Dedication and Belief – a new website was produced. The site is extremely simple in construction – and is intended to be a Tribute to our most Beloved and Glorious Guruji.

Today, the Fulfillment of the Original Objective of these books is being Manifested
At last they are being openly Released to Humanity – through Public Domain.
Drink Deeply from this Spring of Wisdom and Spirituality!

Please visit The Glorious Atma of Guru at: www.thegloriousatmaofguru.net
Please Freely Share these Priceless Teachings.
May Loving Blessings be to ALL without Exception!


Source: Facebook Charlotte Anderson

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  1. Greetings, I hope these pages are still being monitored. I've been looking for sources of these public domain books and it appears thegloriousatmaofguru.net has been down for quite some time. Might you be able to provide information or links to downloads? I would also like to assist in further dissemination through alternate channels if possible. Thank you.