Friday, February 7, 2014

FINISHING what we set out to do

A Loving Atma Namaste! 
Our Beautiful Guruji ... Valley of the Flowers 2006. 
When the Path was Steep & physically Difficult ... He said, "When you start something ... you Finish it ..." 
Two in the party gave up & went back ... The rest of us remained with the Teacher!  
At over 12,000 Feet High - we chanted Om Namah Shivaya to gain Energy & Physical Strength ... And we made it up the Mountain! 
Difficult was not the issue. 
Challenging was not the Issue! 
Accomplishing what we had set out to Do - FINISHING what we set out to do - was the Issue! 
This was a LIFE Teaching! 
Get in there & DO the job! 
In Spiritual Practice - this is an Important Criteria! 
The Discipline - to Keep Going - to Never - EVER - Give up! 
Spiritual Students are Supposed to be STRONG - not Weak!!! These issues haver to do with Developing & Maintaining our Internal Drive - our Internal Power - to Constantly MOVE FORWARD! 
These are the topics have to do with Building & Maintaining one's Internal Energy & Inner Focus - on Accomplishing a Goal ... no matter what Internal or External Obstacles are encountered along the way! Developing these Qualities of Internal Strength & Tenacity - Contributes Strongly - in leading each of toward Enlightenment! 
 Many Loving Blessings be with All! 
Thank you Master
Source: Facebook Charlotte Anderson

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