Sunday, December 8, 2013

Student's Questions

A Loving Atma Namaste! 
So much correspondence from students & their Questions are very inspiring! 
Today's interesting Question is: Atma Namaste Madam. Just had a question. How is it you find inspiration to CONSTANTLY focus on the teachings and remember the teacher? Thanks for your guidance Response: A Loving Atma Namaste! 1. This soul has been STRONGLY BLESSED & DEEPLY INSPIRED by spending an INCREDIBLE AMOUNT OF TIME with our 
Beloved Spiritual Teacher - over a period of more than a decade! 2. Probably it is more time in "volume" - than any other living body! 3. During our "Private" moments - & there WERE COUNTLESS Private moments DAILY - she was privy to Endless Questions from His Inquiring Mind - which were unspoken to others - & He would freely speak to her about His Impressions - regarding those - with whom we interacted together - as well as an extremely wide variety of topics ... 4. Very simply - He shared with this soul - His thoughts, His Dreams, His Desires, His Goals - His Joy & His pains … We had Incredibly Open Communication together ... 5. This soul has Heard the Teachings from multiple viewpoints - as they were presented in every global area, i.e., virtually wherever that He taught. So ... the Teachings were implanted into her Consciousness - over & over again … in Every Course - in Every Venue! 6. Therefore, she has EXPERIENCED & CONTINUES to EXPERIENCE that: The Teacher & The Teachings are ONE!!! For her - HE Remains OMNIPRESENT!!! 7. Countless times He whispered into these ears - We are One, We are One … I am One with you … We are One with All! 8. Flaws of this personality aside - this soul underwent a period of major Training when they were Together -- & she received a Transmission of Information & Energy - (like it or not) … beyond that which ANY other Soul received - during His lifetime. This was a daily occurrence - going on for YEARS! 9. The Teacher Himself was Evolving EXTREMELY Rapidly during the period of our Relationship … as can be seen by the Quality of the Teachings produced during this period. The Teachings themselves became increasingly amazing - from one year to the next! 10. IF one were to evaluate ONLY the VOLUME of Quality Time - she spent in the Presence of the Teacher - that alone could be considered Transformational - without considering ANY of the multiple & countless "other" aspects of our Amazing Relationship! 11. Does ANYONE - really think all of this could be an "Accident"??? Not very likely - in the Life of such a Great Soul - as is that of our Beloved Spiritual Teacher ……... 12. Therefore, she virtually THINKS ABOUT, BREATHS & LIVES the Teachings - each day - every day - with No days off required … It is her impressions that there is No Choice … Because this is her Destiny! 
May Loving Blessings be with ALL!

Source: Facebook Charlotte Anderson

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