Monday, November 11, 2013

Truth IS Universal

A Loving Atma Namaste!
A Warm “Thank you” to the dear friends who invited this soul “Home” last evening for dinner & a movie … So much work going on it was a most welcome break!

The movie was a surprise … & we were introduced to an incredible Soul whom we would like to share with you. His name is Bruno Groerning.

Like our own Beloved Guruji – Mr. Groerning was also Dedicated to & Filled with Love for Humanity & he was
an Extraordinary Soul!

Bruno Groerning - was born in a German body in 1906 – long before our Teacher entered his last incarnation.
Like our own Beloved Guruji … he provided thousands of individuals with Healing Energy and Recovery from countless conditions.

He also taught Kind Thoughts, Kind Words and Kind Actions. He said that Separating ourselves from ALL Negativity & Disorders in our lives … is necessary for Healing to take place.

He said that ALL Negativity within us – including all Negative Emotions – like: our Fear, Worry, Pain, Doubt, Resentment, Gossip, Judgment, Criticism, Envy & Complaints – are simply NEGATIVE HABITS!

These Negative Habits CREATE Unhappiness, Chaos,
Disorder, Disease, Pain and Suffering …
ALL of this should be put into the Garbage Can & covered with a Strong Lid!

Once we place this junk inside the Trash Can … he said:
Don’t even THINK about it or TALK about it ever again – Because if you do - you are accepting these Negative Aspects of our Personalities back into your life!

If you remember the old way of being –
You are taking that garbage back into your lives …
He recommended that we totally SEPARATE from all of these Negativities – & leave them in the Garbage.

All that is left is: Love, Happiness, Health & Peace!
Truth is Universal!

In ALL Traditions – Divine Energy is Transformational!
Many Loving Blessings be with All!

Bruno Groening's teaching 2013

Source: Facebook Charlotte Anderson

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