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TheVajra Armor Mantra (“DorjeGo-Drab” in Tibetan)

TheVajra Armor Mantra
(“DorjeGo-Drab” in Tibetan)

Protection Wheel Vajra Armour (Dorje Gotrab) Mantra


Common Pronunciation

- Shared by the Venerable Lama Thubten Zopa Rinpoche

Please repeat the YouTube rendition of this Mantra 4 times – to complete 108 Repetitions!YouTube will not allow the placing of the Full 108 Version onto this account.
You may now Chant at at "The Path to Arhatship" -

LovingBlessings be to All!

Mantras are considered to be a Pure Manifestation of the Energy contained within various Sounds. Through these Vibrations they Transmit their Powerful frequencies.

The Chanting of Mantras is a form of Healing that is extremely ancient. They may be chanted for oneself or for others – including All Beings present within the Vibratory Range of its Sounds.

It is thought that the Chanting of certain Mantrasmay assist in pacifying Energetic Imbalances & Disturbances – within one’sPhysical & Subtle Energy Systems.

A “Healing” Effect may take place on different levels. This occurs due to the Rebalancing Energies projected to all of those within the range of the Sound of the Mantra.

Both the Inner and Outer Elements of All receiving these Precious Benefits - are Affected and Positively Transformed - into Healing Regenerative Energies as well as - Divine Protection.

The VajraArmor Mantra(sometimes called The Dorje Gotrab Mantra).In particular is said to possess an “Infinite Potential” to Balance manyintricate relationships within the various parts of ones physical and subtlebodies.

Long withheld as a Secret Practice - The Vajra Armor Mantra- is one of the oldest & most important Sadhanas in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. This Mantra has been used for over 1,000 years.

This wonderful Mantra is reported to have been first brought to Tibet by Guru, Lord Padmasambhava (known as the 2ndBuddha and also known as Guru Rinpoche) – in a special form of one of His Manifestations – that of Guru Drakpo - in the form of Dorje Go-Drab, Dorje Gotrab or Gotrap.

Lord Padmasambhava accurately predicted that a time would come when there would be a great need for The Vajra ArmorMantra. He wrote:
“...When beings engage in the tennon-virtues, causing warfare and committing immense sin, these negative activities will pollute the mother elements and give the spirits opportunities to become more powerful.
Thus, the seasons will become unbalanced, the crops will fail, the weather patterns will bring disaster, diseases will multiply every year and even the best remedies will nolonger have any effect.
Food and herbal medicine will loose their potency, requiring stronger dosages ... at that time this mantra, which shall be known as The Vajra Armor, or ”Ngak-Bum Dorje Go-Drab.” It is the One Mantra that is the Source of the 100,000 Methods and will be needed to Save Beings from this Immense Suffering.

If you place one hundred percent trust in this mantra - and if you receive theTransmission from a true lineage holder and Practice it according to the Samayas - then this mantra will Cure Disease, Protect and Prevent Illness,Calamities, Restore Balance to the Environment, and most importantly destroy the true cause of All Suffering - Anger, Desire and Ignorance …”

Regular Practitioners consider this Mantra to be effective in treating All Kinds of Diseases, Purifying Negative Energies and Protection from a wide assortment of Dangers, Disasters, Afflictions & Adversities. It is considered to be One of the Most Powerful Healing Practices.

It is reported that originally this ancient Mantra (which was possibly used in Mongolia before the time of the Kubliai Khan, in the 14th Century) was Taught only to the closest disciples of Lord Padmasambhava.
After this Transmission, He hid TheVajra Armor Mantra & its related Teachings (including different versions of this Practice) in 124 places – so as to Preserve the Integrity of this Priceless Treasure - until it is the right time to reintroduce this Priceless Mantra to the world.
Once Transmitted this Mantra is available to everyone – regardless of their Spiritual Background or Age. It is believed that it may lead the Practitioner forward on the Path to Enlightenment - and ultimately to Buddhahood.
May All Beings beHappy!
Loving Blessings be with All!

Practitioners should please Note:
This chanter is not making any personal health claims about this Mantra orthis Practice, nor is she suggesting that it should replace allopathic medicaltreatments or other spiritual practices.
Her sole aim in presenting this material is intended to provide Spiritual Solace and Enrichment - to all of those wishing to partake of this PreciousTreasure – during these uncertain times.
For further information,please go to:

The following wonderful commentary on The Vajra Armor Mantra says:

The Sadhana of The Vajra Armor Mantra is meant to provide its Practitioners with a “Diamond-Like Suit of Spiritual Armor”.
The term “Vajra”means Adamantine or Diamond like – and is (considered to be) impervious to any and all forms of Contagion.
It is extremely Precious.

Once one has accomplished this Sadhana … one can fearlessly meet the needs of the sick under any and all situations. In addition, this Practice is also highly recommended for the Patients themselves.

By repeating this Mantra – and doing the associated Visualization –
(which is currently not available from this source) - one may heal all sorts of otherwise Dangerous and Recalcitrant Diseases.

This Practice was created by Guru Padmasambhava, the Tantric Guru who brought - Vajrayana Buddhism to Tibet in the 8th Century.

Due to His prophetic Wisdom, Guru Rinpoche (as he is familiarly known) saw the rising of new, epidemic diseases – such as SARS, AIDS, Ebola and H1N1.

Searching through all the esoteric volumes of ancient Healing Mantras - Guru Rinpoche determined that The Vajra Armor Mantra is the most Powerful of All.

Sometimes it is referred to as a “cure-all” – in one Mantra – that “cures” all diseases.

(It is said that its) Practice is especially effective for Cancer and stubborn skin diseases like Psoriasis – where according to Tibetan medicine – there is a strong component of Spirit Provocation or Attack.

This Precious Mantra has been “revealed” a number of times down through the succeeding centuries by such great Tibetan Lamas as:
Dorje Lingpa, RatnaLingpa, Sang-gay Lingpa, Rolpai Dorje, and Pema Le-dre-tsal.

This foregoing section of Information has been extracted from:

Vajra Armor
Writtenby: bob flaws
Published on November 10th, 2009

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