Friday, June 1, 2012

Flowers in the Spiritual Garden of the Teacher!

A Loving Atma Namaste!
Flowers in the Spiritual Garden of the Teacher!
During these past months of extremely Intense Work - an accumulation of files needed to be cleared away.
In the process came across this Wonderful Video - which brought to mind - that EACH of us is a "Bulb" in the Garden of our Beloved Guruji Master Choa Kok Sui!
The following thoughts came to mind:
When we are firmly rooted in the Priceless Teachings of our Spiritual Teacher, EACH of us add Unique Personal Contributions of Beauty & Grace, of Intelligence & Imagination, of Flexibility & Forgiveness, of Love & Compassion, of Good Humor & Honesty, of Patience & Persistency, of Courage & Inner Strength, of Divine Oneness & Divine Grace & MUCH More!
As Children of the Most High -- CELEBRATE the DIVINITY within YOU - the Soul & Move beyond All perceived limitations!
Its easy to become Dynamically Active & Allow the Radiance of Divine Light - to Shine into the faces of Every Person whom you meet!
When YOUR Inner Light shines brightly outward - you become Magnetic & automatically people will be magnetized to you & as you interact in the world - ordinary people will be attracted to the Teacher - because YOU will have become more fully Manifested in your own Potentiality - as a Beautiful Flower in the Garden of your Spiritual Teacher!
Smile, Enjoy & Share Happiness with the World!
Infinite Loving Blessings be with All!
PS When our file wouldn't post – found it on youtube!

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