Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Becoming Transparent is Preparation for the Golden Age

A Loving Atma Namaste!

Our Beloved Guruji Master Choa Kok Sui - forewarned this soul, that during the current period - going forward for several years (means "two to three") from 2011 - there could be communication disruptions - even massive ones - in computers, mobile phones and various types of electronic equipment.

The current number of "Solar Flares" may be one scientific explanation for a wide variety of events many report they are currently experiencing. 

For example - when Solar Flare Activity is high, one's Psyche may feel "disquieted".

These "Galactic Events" may particularly affect those who are "Sensitive" - a condition common among healers or Energy Practitioners - who frequently receive 'information" in the course of their daily lives - IF they have not yet learned to "turn off & turn on" the channel to the Inner World - or World of Consciousness & Inner Awareness. 

The unanticipated "influences" or "pressures" we may feel from Solar Events are not particular to any one person - they will affect different people in different ways - so we need to Practice NOT becoming Emotionally Entangled when the unexpected arises.

So stand back, Smile & understand that these events are affecting Every Person & Every Being... 

When the Unforeseen does arise - consider this to be a period of Karmic Training - & quietly remember, that none of us will ever experience ANYTHING that we are not Karmically Entitled to experience :):) & during this "Training", Invoke & Ask to develop & maintain both Internal & External Composure.

By becoming "Internally Still", we may better understand MANY people - including those whom we know, as well as those with whom we only interact with infrequently - may also be unconsciously be experiencing similar internal conditions - which may cause their reactions to be unpredictable or unstable.

It is therefore required for us to Practice FAR GREATER PATIENCE in many situations.

Day to day, it is advised to take a little more TIME each day for Spiritual Practices.

Take the Precaution - of Practicing Blue Triangle, the Virtues, & the Meditation on Twin Hearts or the Planetary Meditation for Peace Daily - which will assist in reducing excessive reactions - when the unanticipated does happen!! Remember ... Dukkha does happen - because it helps us to develop "Spiritual Muscles" & to Evolve.

Please do not rush everywhere.

Slow down! Drive a little more slowly - and maintain your Equanimity whatever happens.

Develop the fine art of "Being the silent observer" ...

It is not always necessary to "have the first word" or "the last word" or to say ANYTHING at all - in many situations!

Simply Relax and FLOW from each "Moment of Now" ... into the next Moment ...

IF someone else reacts in an exaggerated or unexpectedly strong way -
try to maintain YOUR Emotional Equilibrium! The reaction of others is THEIR issue - so why should we let THEIR issues become ours?

This kind of Conscious Living requires more Understanding!

If life goes somewhat "off track" for a day -

Remember that all of the collective exasperating or frustrating circumstances in our lives -- are NOT necessarily "psychic attack" (pa)!

This "pa category" of events is frequently a convenient catch all for everything that happens to go wrong in our lives. How completely foolish to buy into such useless ideas!

Mostly the PA story is not true ... as we CANNOT Receive what we have not given - This is the Law!

Rethink the situation and consider this as an Opportunity - to try to understand more deeply the "Purpose & Causes" of our Pain, Sorrow & Suffering... or of our Frustration, Exasperation, state of Disquietude.

Than rather than immediately Attaching to the idea that Everything is coming from the deliberate projection of someone else, somewhere else - begin to look more deeply! IS that what is REALLY happening or not??

In 1996, this soul had an interesting conversation with Mang Mike Nator. charlotte was discussing the topic of pa with him after the "1st World Covention" in Manila.

Mang Mike said, "Charlotte ... just become Transparent!" When you Practice Transparency - then pa will simply "pass through" you ... We immediately adapted his sage advice - although sometimes it still takes time to "process" incoming information :):)

Practically this means, we should Practice Daily being the best we can be.

It means we should CONSTANTLY FOCUS our complete Attention on the Teacher & the Teachings ... no matter what happens!!

It means that "No Matter What" anyone else DOES (to us or against us), "

No Matter" what anyone else says (about us or against us) - that we remain UNAFFECTED - in the FULL & Complete Knowledge that we are the Spiritual Children of our Beloved Spiritual Teacher, we are the "Children of the Most High" & we are Spiritually One with All!

Recommend you investigate some of this information at the links below.

Then reassess your life & Reinstate the Principles of PEACE (Internal & External), LOVE (for Every Thing & Every Being - without exception), & HEALING (for Every Person, Every Being & for our Beloved Mother Earth) into our individual lives & that we SPREAD the Priceless Teachings into All Corners of Planet Earth!

Uplifting our Consciousness is the Answer! & Being One with our Beloved Guruji is one of the fastest ways to achieve that State!

The Teacher & the Teachings are One!

Loads of Loving Blessings to All,
PS This "note" started out to be some information for our TIS Team members.

However, it seems it should be shared with All.

Take a look at the forecast from our friends at the NASA Goddard Space Weather Lab:
http://iswa.gsfc.nasa.gov/downloads/20120305_085600_anim.tim-den.gif -- Amazing in live time!

And more information is available at the following Websites:

1.Fantastic YOUTube Video's of these events.

After several days of a quiet Sun, the solar activity is now high again. Big sunspot AR1429, which emerged on March 2nd, is crackling with strong flares. This morning brought the strongest so far--an X1-class eruption on March 5th at 0413 UT.

This flare propelled a bright Coronal Mass Ejection into Space, which will probably miss Earth, but hit Mercury and Venus.

Even if this CME misses, high-latitude sky watchers should still be alert for auroras in the nights ahead. An M2-class eruption from the same sunspot on March 4th produced another, wider CME that might yet intersect Earth. The cloud is expected to deliver a glancing blow to our planet's magnetic field on March 6th at 04:30 UT (+/- 7 hr).

2. "Space Weather" can be tracked at: http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/today.html

3. Raelene Byrne on Solar Flares at: http://www.medicineforyourspirit.com/_blog/The_Gift_of_Solar_Flares

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