Friday, December 16, 2011


A Loving Atma Namaste!

Some of you have been writing to say that Master's Photos SMILE AT YOU!!

This soul's strong impression is that you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!

MCKS the SOUL - is VERY ALIVE & Works for each of His students & for Humanity - Day & Night!!!

In His present form - Pure Energy with Consciousness - the limitations of the physical body are not present.

Possibly His most Extraordinary Work is being done through Each of us - Right Now!

As an Infinitely Loving Soul of Active Compassion, a True MahaAtma - MCKS works through each of us.

We are His Arms & His Legs in the Physical World!

Therefore Everyday ... Each Student should awaken, immediately Invoke & Remember to Tell One (or More :) Friend, One (or More :) Colleague, One (or More :) Stranger - who "just happens" to cross our Path - about our SUPER FANTASTIC Spiritual Teacher - Master Choa Kok Sui's Priceless Teachings!

THIS is an important part of LIVING the TEACHINGS!

Each one of us should do our part to Personally Spread the TEACHINGS - EVERY DAY!!

When we LIVE the Sadhana - HE is Happy & His Photograph on YOUR Wall or YOUR Table - will SMILE AT YOU!!!

With Joy & Happiness - & with Many Loving Blessings!

PS Don't forget to say THANK YOU for EVERY BLESSING no matter how it is small it may seem!

Each Blessing is a Manifestation of Divine Grace in YOUR Life!

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