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Cultivate a Strong Connection with Source - Life Positive India

Excerpts from an interview with charlotte anderson, co-founder, planetary peace movement international

The “spiritual consort” of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, Charlotte Anderson is a spiritual teacher who was personally trained by Master Choa Kok Sui to conduct the workshops conceptualised and designed by him. She is also the compiler, transcriber, and editor of nine of Master Choa Kok Sui’s books. Co-Founder of Planetary Peace Movement International, Charlotte Anderson is also the founder of the Endowment Fund for World Peace and Global Healing, USA, and Founder, Pranic Healing European Charitable Foundation.

Charlotte Anderson (CA) spoke to Life Positive during the three-day Arhatic Yoga Preparatory Retreat she facilitated in Chennai in January 2009. An intriguing aspect of the interview was her use of the collective pronoun ‘We’ over the personal pronoun ‘I’ as the former, according to her, energises the quality of humility in an individual.

What is the relevance of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui’s teachings in a contemporary context?

Most people only know of Master Choa Kok Sui as the founder of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga. Nevertheless, in fact, he was a master of energy, whose teachings embody the application of energy techniques given for the transformation of energy from one state to another. His teachings are comprehensive in nature and cover every aspect of life from the physical body, environment, emotional and psychological states, relationships, spirituality, and a wide range of other subjects. The first thing that we should think of is how techniques of energy can be utilised during periods of extreme change: change that may be economic, change that may be physical (with regard to the Earth itself), changes in spite of which people are able to continue to live their lives as they have in the past, changes that may be radical, sudden, expected or unexpected. However, even when anticipated, it sometimes may be difficult for us to comprehend what may be required of us to respond adequately in an informed manner. By using the energy techniques given to us by Master Choa Kok Sui, whatever changes that will occur can be dealt with both on the global level and personal level.

How can these changes be addressed at the personal and global levels?

At the personal level, the first thing that people need to grasp is that we are souls with bodies; not bodies with souls. Secondly, we need to have spiritual techniques that will help us establish a strong connection to the satguru, to higher souls, and to Parabrahman or God. If these aspects of life are not deeply understood and integrated into life, then it becomes difficult to cope with events in one’s life whether they be physical, personal, or within the community.

You talked about a spiritual hotline or a strong connection with Source. Do you see that happening now?

Our personal observation has been that there are groups of people globally from a wide range of backgrounds, religions, and cultures, who are interested in spirituality. They are interested in improving themselves, interested in changing their lives. Ultimately, all of us will be affected by the possible upcoming changes in very profound ways. Therefore, we can prepare ourselves by learning what we can do for ourselves using energy techniques to help improve our lives in very profound ways.

Do you see that happening in terms of a shift in individual and collective consciousness?

The desire for spirituality is the desire to achieve union with the Higher Soul, whether or not it is stated in those particular terms. It is becoming more predominant in the consciousness of people whom we meet on a global basis. From our perspective, people seem to be reaching out for something, a “missing part,” even though it may not be readily identifiable. There is a hunger, a thirst, which needs to be dealt with. Therefore, they try to find it by shopping, by accumulating. They try to fill their lives with objects or with people. However, the thirst will not truly be filled until they understand the spiritual connection – where they are right now and the process of becoming one with the Higher Soul.

Do you see such changes as symbolic of the New Age and as a natural progression of the evolution of consciousness?

According to the book by Master Choa Kok Sui, The Existence of God is Self-evident, life is governed by cycles. In the Indian tradition, one is familiar with the concept of yugas. We know we have passed out of Kali Yuga and are in a state of transition between periods. In the near future, we will enter the Golden Age, but the exact moment we will do so is quite uncertain yet.

We are witnessing a greater involvement of women in spirituality. What does that signify?

The “thirst” is not governed by gender. The desire to evolve particularly occurs during periods of personal crises such as death, illness, change of job, divorce, when the awareness of emptiness becomes predominant in the mind of the individual. Therefore, they look for ways to fill that emptiness, and in the process, they r a wake-up call for the individual concerned. and you begin to transform. When you do so, everything around you also begins to transform.

What are some of the global concerns addressed by the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui?

Master Choa was a deeply compassionate person with a degree of compassion that was highly developed. His teachings and initiatives such as the Planetary Peace Movement International sprung from his humanitarian concerns. Therefore, he gave his students a set of teachings that would enable them to make wise decisions.

Can you share with us some aspects of your journey as a seeker?

‘We’ prefer not to talk about our personal life. ‘Our’ being with Him was a matter of destiny and the actual journey began several lifetimes earlier. Being his spiritual consort and tantric partner ‘our’ responsibility after Master Choa left His physical body was to spread Master Choa’s teachings among people because He was a person of extraordinary Atmic intelligence; an advanced spiritual teacher and a Maha atma whose life and teachings were inseparable.

Life Positive January 2009 Chennai

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