Wednesday, September 22, 2010

23rd of September is the "Feast of Padre Pio"

A Loving Atma Namaste!

"Love is the first ingredient in the relief of Suffering"

This morning we read that tomorrow on the 23rd of September is the "Feast of Padre Pio"

He was canonized on 16 June 2002 & is considered one of the greatest saints of the Roman Catholic Church.

There are saints who have been known for "healing, for "reading" souls, for levitation, bi-location, Stigmata, the "odor of Sanctity" (i.e., the smell of Roses & Violets), & for understanding languages they do not know.

Padre Pio had all of these attributes & more.

He meditated on the Presence of God through the Lord Jesus Christ.

He said, "I am for everyone"

For today, May Loving Blessings be with Everyone!

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