Sunday, February 14, 2010

February, 14. Valentine's Day 2010

For centuries, Great Spiritual Teachers & Messengers of God have given the same Teachings.

To Love is to be Filled with Light.

To Forgive & to Love those who have hurt you is to be filled with even Greater Light.

When seen through the Spiritual Eye - the Aura of a person who is chronically filled with Hatred is filled with darkness.
The Aura of a person who is filled with Love & Compassion is Bright.
Blessings when seen through the Spiritual Eye are seen as "Light" ... Light & Blessings enfold all people ...
So please Bless our Beloved Mother Earth & every person, every Sentient Being**!

Practice Forgiveness & send Loving Blessings to All...

Happy Valentine's Day!

**All Beings of Awareness