Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Science of Tithing

A Loving Atma Namaste!

There are many ways to stop hunger.

Pranic Healers & Arhatic Yogis regularly contribute to Humanitarian causes globally ...

We do this in order to increase our Good Karma & to reduce our Ancient Negative Karma.

Tithing is Scientific!

What we give we will receive ...

If we give food ... we will not be hungry.

If we give love & emotional support ... we will receive love & emotional support.

Please remember the important words of MCKS:

"What you waste will be taken from you..."

Residents of the Philippines, India & parts of Africa know that nearly every time our bodies set foot outside the front door ... a hungry homeless person is there ...

Please contribute generously to those who need support, nourishment & nurturing ... be Divinely Blessed ...

With Infinite Loving Blessings ...

PS Please don't forget to DECREE after Tithing!!!

The Good Karma generated is thereby increased many, many times!

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